Contract and Budgetmanagement

CTCM arranges all contract-, financial- and administrative management of clincal studies with azM as legal entity. Therefore, transparency and control are top priority for CTCM, as unexpected negative results have to be avoided.

For investigators, CTCM offers:

Contract management

  • Drafting of complete and balanced budgets
  • Drafting and legal screening of agreements, to ensure that all your needs, as well as those of your employer, will be met
  • Negotiations with  companies for obtaining good financial conditions.
  • Finalizing amendments

Financial-administrative management

  • Processing and reviewing of invoices, in accordance with the agreement.
  • Financial reviewing and processing of project related materials and equipment.
  • Finalization and completion of the financial study file
  • Supporting financial audits (if necessary)
  • Financial closure of the project

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